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The demand to get quickly and directly the top latest content on Social Media and online in general is rising more and more and the growing popularity of Live Streaming Apps like Periscope, Snapchat, Facebook Live, YouTube Connect, Busker etc. is one of the main reasons for that.

Users and viewers don´t only want quick and easy the latest news, they also want to be part of it. They want to control and influence the content and interact with the broadcaster. Consumers becoming reporters, directors and camera men - all with one app.

The journalism and the (social) media world is turning around.

At the end of 2015 Periscope was announced to the App of the Year 2015 by the App Store. Snapchat has daily more than 7 billion video clips views from over 100 million users. The users want to get more authentic content from normal people like you and me, people they trust. The live video apps offering a mix of entertainment, authenticity, tv and interaction with viewers. This is what the consumer is asking for - oh no - is screaming for at the moment. Livestream Apps always offering new content and these contents are super live, quick and easy to get. The viewer feels closer to what is going on in the world and the news and he wants to be involved.

For example - open a live stream app - you can see the sunrise in Africa from your couch, you can swim with turtles in Hawaii, see the Paris demonstrations, visit the Colosseum in Rome and let your questions be answered directly and live by the broadcaster, in real time and authentic.

This is the door to the world - You can jump to any random place in the world with an app and find a live broadcaster - you join his stream and interact with him. You get insights in other cultures, rites, morals, architectures, landscapes, histories and you meet new people worldwide. You build a new and important network around the world which will be very valuable if you use it correctly. And all that without leaving your couch or reading a book or start to google content about this place. BUT I still try in vain to find a Live Streamer in North Korea ;)

Game Changer Periscope

The IOS Twitter App went live on March the 26nd in 2015 (Android version May 26nd) and broke all records. With Periscope you can share and watch live broadcast videos from a mobile device.
You can send hearts to the broadcaster to applause or show that you like what you see. Hearts and Followers measure the popularity of broadcasters on Periscope

Periscope.tv was developed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein. Four months after the start they have reached 10,000,000 registered accounts with approx. 2,000,000 daily active users. Boooooom!

I created a Beginners Guide for Periscope Starters Periscope: First Steps

Periscope Rally Logo

Project: Periscope Rally

We (a team of 3) built up a community of experts under the name Periscope Rally Movement. Our objective is to bring together livestreamers from all around the world and ceating a competent network with different industries and arts. As the Periscope Rally we are organizing and support different events live and virtually.

We are also offering coachings and trainings regarding this new trend livestreaming and as well support and accompany different corporate and live events via livestream worldwide.

More Informationen under our website "Periscope Rally"

Periscope Rally in Leipzig Periscope Livestream Tablet Periscope New Years Eve Livestream Periscope Rally in Leipzig

Project: #BerlinScope

Fall in Love with Berlin - Since December 2015 I´m using the Hashtag #BerlinScope in my regular Berlin Periscope Live Streams. I show my international viewers Berlin with its many various facets, its craziness, the multi cultural szene, the art and music szene, the food porn culture etc.

Because of generating an own and clear Hashtag #BerlinScope, it is easier for Berlin Lovers to find my Live Videos on Twitter and Facbook. Regular Periscope users know and use the term Scope for the live streams.

With this link berlinscope.live you will be redirected to my Periscope account, where you can see the latest scopes (since May 2016). Periscope changed its 24h saving limit in May 2016 and the videos (replays) are now available unlimited. The videos I made before May 2016, will be edited and published on YouTube.

Project: ZwitchOn.Live

Building a platform for worldwide live stream News, Apps, People & Communities - details follow soon...

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